About Jo Stevens

Jo is a London based songwriter, singer, all round musician. Her song “Run Away” was in hit US TV drama CSI New York. Along with writing & performing her own singer songwriter project, she writes and produces music for film & TV, collaborates with artists and songwriters and has her own studio and works as a topliner for a top production team.

And here’s the long version………. zzzzz 🙂 Jo was brought up in the north of Scotland, she moved to Lyon, France to study saxophone at the Conservatoire of Lyon. Here she met (then unknown) fellow student Benjamin Biolay (French star who has worked with Carla Bruni, Chiara Mastroianni, Henri Salvador & Julien Clerc & Vanessa Paradis) she continued to the Paris Conservatoire but it wasn’t long before Jo left behind her classical training, grabbed a guitar and embraced the dark side of rock’n’roll, gigging and songwriting. Inspired by the emerging explosive Brit Pop scene she returned to London and formed her band  “Aviation Blonde” before going solo. Her first self-titled album is produced by Grammy award winning producer Steve Levine which she released on her own label Big Crow recordings. The single “Take Me Home” was produced by Benjamin Biolay and was featured in a major Irish charity campaign. She has been featured live on the BBC and her music featured on ITV & C4 and hit US TV series CSI NY. She collaborates with artists writers & producers. Jo has a studio and writing facility she plays guitars saxophones and keys. She has a passion for guitar bands as well as acoustic songs & ballads and is adept at topline (melody & Lyrics) writing. Embracing the independent music model she now controls most of her masters and publishing and is able to offer “one stop licensing” for TV & Film music supervisors.


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