Warner Bros Studios- Ellen De Generes Show

Jo Stevens at the Ellen Degeneres Show Los AngelesI had an amazing time at the Warner Bros studios in Los Angeles- I felt incredibly privileged to be invited, get a VIP pass and get on set of the fabulous Ellen DeGeneres show. Here I am with great friends Lesley and Brandon Koen on the Ellen couch just after the filming of the show- Keith Urban was a guest (pop star and American Idol judge) and performed. It was a great day (I nearly missed it as I had the time wrong… and was killing time doing press ups and situps in my hotel room- how stupid did I feel!!) . The guys at Warner Bros were fabulous and we were brilliantly looked after. Brandon featured here danced on the show and is going to be featured so I’ll upload that clip later on. Finished the day at Soho house (dwahling)  Loving LA- but go away rain!!! (that’s for tomorrow) I’ve come away from rainy England to escape that! Day off today- wondering whether to drive to Malibu or do the tourist spots in LA…. hmmm decisions decisions…

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