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jet lag is bad

jet lag is bad when  you forget to eat then come back to hotel and all there is to eat are the  nutritious delights of pringles and a very old looking bag of M&Ms for the bargain price o $9! – well needs must! and surely all those E numbers

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Rodeo Drive Baby!

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Living the Pretty Woman dream (well minus being a hooker and meeting Richard Gere). My adventure began yesterday  on picking up the rental car, discovering to my dismay that the rented sat nav didn’t recognise the name of the street of my hotel, after 30mins of trying near by names

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had the best night on Tues at the relaunch of the Song Closet gig, what a lovely vibe, lovely people and great venue, The staff at the Horns were fantastic and I forgot to thank the lovely Adrian for doing the sound…so thank you Adrian. It started with a bit

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The Final Countdown 2

10 days to LA so…don’t need to worry about dieting anymore, can’t eat without feeling sick, the trip to LA for the Billboard Film & TV conference I so bravely booked when it seemed an eternity away is looming. I feel like Dick Wittington off with a cane and a

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was so happy on Friday, went to Chiswick to meet lovely people, was having great night, ate a Paillard of chicken (had to look that up later) at good restaurant , then 1 in the morning the unmistakable signs of food poisoning set in. All night long….. just like Lionel

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